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  • Collection: Moulden Family
Montgomery County Records and Archives, William Moulden Willl (1886).png

William Moulden 1886-08-06
HSMC, Aug 1871, John Moulden 1.pdf

James P. Cuthbert, Justice of the Peace 1871-08-17
HSMC, Sep 1878, Moulden 3.pdf

Josiah J. Pearce, Justice of the Peace 1878-06-21
APA206.101_BB238C_Moulden 1.jpeg

February 12, 1869 to February 4, 1871
Deed, Thomas to Moulden, Montgomery County, PA, Book 102.png

H.E.M. Keever October 4, 1847 and recorded on April 25, 1856
Ancestry Census 1880 William Moulden.jpg

William H. Haley 1880-06-15
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