Letter from William Moulden to Maria Daly Shea (January 19, 1891)


Letter from William Moulden to Maria Daly Shea (January 19, 1891)


Twice in 1891 Moulden writes to Maria Shea (née Daly), a former employee of Jane Rudolph’s. He tells her he’s blind and lonely, and he asks her for help and to bring the items she had promised to him.

In this letter, dated January 19, 1891, Moulden writes to Shea saying he has not seen her in a while and inquires if she is okay. He also asks if she has the items she promised to give him. He mentions her daughter Betsy has visited him.


Dictated by William Moulden


January 19, 1891


Augustinian Provincial Archive






Augustinian Provincial Archive, 501.01, Folder 121


Rosemont, January 19, 1891:
Mrs. Shea

Dear Friend,

I thought I would drop you these few linez [sic] to let you know we are all well at present—hoping this will find you likewise I am anxious to hear from you it has been so long that I thought something was wrong that you did not write. I have been waiting very patiently for those articals [sic] you promised me I am need of them very much I saw your daughter Betsy since you were over they were all well then. I would like to see you as soon as you can over I remember you in my prayers and hope you do think of me in yours this is all at present

Yours Respectfully,
Wm J. Moulden



Dictated by William Moulden, “Letter from William Moulden to Maria Daly Shea (January 19, 1891),” The Rooted Project , accessed March 23, 2023, https://rootedproject.org/items/show/11.

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